Psychics. Huh. Good God Ya'll. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

have had good experiences with psychics, or sensitives, all of my life.  They always seemed to know just what to say and how to say it gently as to not piss me off.  I've been to Cassadaga spiritual community several times http://www.cassadaga.org/ and have usually had an uplifting experience...even if I did have to shell out $100 for an hour reading each time.  It also took me a couple days after leaving to catch up on my sleep after I left.  The place always drained me.

About 3 years ago I travelled to Cassadaga and decided to get a reading.  I had a good connection with a certain business and finally decided on a reader.  Here are most of the things she told me:

1.  You have a lot of angels surrounding you.  More than anyone I have ever seen.
2.  The person you are in a relationship with is draining you of your energy.  You should get out.
3.  You are going to do something big.
4.  You will work with children.
5.  You will write a book.  It will be a best seller.  I will see you on Oprah some day.  It's that big.
6.  You need to get healthier.
7.  No really, you are very unhealthy.  You need to change your lifestyle. 

Sounds pretty good right?  I will graduate in the next few months and I recently decided to contact that same psychic again for a little "direction advice" and here is what she told me this time:

1.  In a past life you were part of a secret society.  You were very high up and were a spiritual leader.  
2.  It's very difficult to give someone advice who already sees the big picture.
3.  You need patience.
4.  Things are happening for you exactly as they should and you are on the right path.
5.  The person you are with is good for you now but there is someone else out there.
6.  You are extremely intense.  You should laugh at things more often.
7.  You are fighting against your own process.
8.  You are an Indigo adult. 
9.  Get rid of clutter.

After this phone session ($60.00 later) I was aggravated.  Did I really need to pay someone to tell me I need better discernment skills?  I need patience?  Hell, I get that for free from friends and family and as often as I like.  Things are happening just as they should?  Yes.  I know.  I see the big picture.  Yes.  That's always been my problem.  I am an Indigo.  Yes.  I know that as well.  Get rid of clutter?  That could apply to most of us couldn't it?  And as far as your advice on my love life you can keep that one to yourself.  I mean really, there may be someone else out there for me but I want the one I have.  Deeply.

Anyway the point is, everything she told me (even from 3 years ago) I already knew.  Know.  I don't need validation.  I don't want confirmation.  I mean, give me something interesting but quit reading my mind. I can do that by myself.  

So, henceforth I vow to activate my own inner guidance and listen to what it has to say.  I don't need to rely on anyone else to tell me what I already know.  


  1. i can't believe you paid someone $100 for an hour of them reading your body language and telling you what you want to hear. that's what i charge for design and i could have made you a huge sweet art piece to tell you awesome things about you every time you look at it. shit girl! thos people are totally just intuitive and not psychic at all.

  2. You know I've never been a fan of Cassadaga, though I've never been....I just always thought it was bullshit. And I agree - you totally know yourself best...and you can tell yourself for free. =)

  3. Yup. Now you know why most psychics are full of shit. Go have a reiki session instead.

  4. I remember going with you to see one in St.Pete. All I remember was that she told me I was going to have two girl children. I thought about that when Audrey turned out to be a girl. She did have a 50/50 shot at getting that right though....

  5. Well, some people pay therapists thousands of dollars to discover what you did at the fraction of the cost. Not a bad deal at all.

  6. I remember paying a "medium" 300.00 to tell me anything about my husband (died 13 years ago) she told me things like, " he is so proud of you" "he misses you" " He comes to you at night when you are sleeping" I remember the tears that filled my eyes as I gave her the little cash I had saved up. I have since given up on "mediums" and "psychics". Although, I still do believe a lot of people have these gifts of insight, but if that is the case, why would they charge people a ridiculous amount of money to share that gift?