Here’s a checklist of intimacy on a working level according to Dr. Virgina Satir, pioneer family therapist

When both of you can ask for what you want instead of waiting for the other one to offer it.

When both can say what you see and hear instead of “what you should”.

When you feel what you feel instead of worrying if it’s the right feeling.

When you take steps in your own behalf instead of always trying to keep the status quo.


Swimming in a dream...

Centered around eternal love.
Lost in the fairy tale.
Tender, heartfelt moments,
Your hands intertwined in mine.

Swimming in a dream.


Quiet Time

Part I

I can write my thoughts out here because you don't bother to read them.  You are to selfish and worried about where you are going next, comparing yourself to me.  

You pulled away a long time ago didn't you?  Maybe you were unsure of what was happening.  Maybe you were reminded of past relationships and what it felt like to again, fall out of love.  Perhaps you don't want to face the truth because it's easier to play along.

Actions speak louder than words.  That's my motto.  And as I write you have disappeared, who knows where.  You keep secrets (like your smoking) and even though you project openness and truth, you hide.

Who is it that you want?  

Fairy tales don't exist.  Don't worry, mine doesn't either. 

Part II

Why do you have that look?

How do you contain the knowledge?  

It is delectable.

Part III

Insert meaningful photo here


On Marriage...

The marriage license fee?  $93.50 dollars
The divorce?  $400.00 and up

Either way the state gets your money, and you get screwed 


Anywhere But Here...

If I am exactly where I want to be, why does it feel I should be somewhere else?

Something happened the other day that I can only call a premonition. Not like an insight or something intuited, it wasn't that. It was sort of like a flash forward into a different reality, a different life that I will live. I remember thinking (during the flash) that one day I will look back on my current life and wonder how I was ever here.



I have a close friend that came into my life and brought lots of sunshine.  He eats a raw food diet and has for well, four years.  Recently I have started reading more about it and listening to my body in regards to how it feels about this type of diet and lifestyle.  I am not convinced just yet that I should be 100% raw at this time but I plan to at least start reading more about it and looking into menu options and food ideas.

It has been my experience that anything from the norm turns into negative criticism and sarcasm, just as this  type of diet would.  But, it would not be much different that anything and everything else I have done so far in this lifetime.  As far as I am concerned, anything that's more than eating at the Outback every Friday night, not listening to the same radio pop music that everyone else does, not watching the Real World and MTV has opened my eyes and led me to a deeper, more spiritual part of myself.  Sometimes I look at Jeremy and I say, why cant I be oblivious?  Why can't I be one of those people who are content with not knowing, not seeking, not searching?   Maybe that would be easier.  Maybe not.

So for now I descend into this food journey.  I want to feel healthier.  I want to not worry about where I will be an hour after eating sushi because the rice makes me sleepy.  I don't want to have such extreme high's and low's.  I don't want to be a part of the modern "sick" outlook on medicine and health.  I want to know my body is happy.  i don't want to have to take a pill so a meal I am about to eat will not hurt my tummy.  I want to live.  I want my body to feel and I want to be able to listen to what it's trying to tell me.  I don't want to conform.  I don't want to buy things and dress a certain way because someone tells me I should and I certainly do not want an iPhone.

This could be interesting.