Quiet Time

Part I

I can write my thoughts out here because you don't bother to read them.  You are to selfish and worried about where you are going next, comparing yourself to me.  

You pulled away a long time ago didn't you?  Maybe you were unsure of what was happening.  Maybe you were reminded of past relationships and what it felt like to again, fall out of love.  Perhaps you don't want to face the truth because it's easier to play along.

Actions speak louder than words.  That's my motto.  And as I write you have disappeared, who knows where.  You keep secrets (like your smoking) and even though you project openness and truth, you hide.

Who is it that you want?  

Fairy tales don't exist.  Don't worry, mine doesn't either. 

Part II

Why do you have that look?

How do you contain the knowledge?  

It is delectable.

Part III

Insert meaningful photo here

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