The 10 Musical Artists that Move Me

Yann Tiersen.  French composer. 

What I like about him:  the instruments he uses the most are the violin, piano and accordion.  His music is inspiring and passionate.

Favorite album:  L'Absente [2001]
Favorite song:  La Noyee

Shiguru Umbeyashi.  Japanese composer. 
Favorite Album:  In the Mood for Love Soundtrack.  Favorite Song:  Adagio.
What I like about him:  his music takes me to a place that doesn't exist on this plane and cannot be discovered through any means other than his music.  Listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqAcmDtEXc

Favorite album: post [1995]
Favorite song:  hyper-ballad
Why I like her:  she is original.  her lyrics are poetic and insightful.  her music is like nothing else.

Thom Yorke.Radiohead.
Favorite album: Kid A [2000]
Favorite song:  Everything In it's Right Place
What I like about him: He's just fucking amazing.  Probably my favorite artist.  Ever.

The Album Leaf.
Favorite album:  In A Safe Place. [2004]
Favorite song:  Another Day.
What I like about them:  Electronic. Ambient. Mellow.

Favorite album:  Youth [2006]
Favorite song:  I Will Be Light
What I like about him:  Humanitarian.  Compassionate.  Spreads a message of love.

Lykke Li
Favorite album:  Youth Novels [2008]
Favorite song: Melodies And Desires

What I like about her:  her voice is amazing.  etherial. unique.

Clarence Greenwood. [Citizen Cope]. 
Favorite album:  The Clarence Greenwood Recordings [2004]
Favorite song:  Hurricane Waters
What I like about him:  1.  He's hot  2.  His voice is sexy  3.  His songs make me feel good

Shara Worden.  My Brightest Diamond.
Favorite Album:  Bring Me the Workhorse [2006]
Favorite Song:  The Robin's Jar
What I like about her:  Again-original unique sounds

And last but not least...
Justin Timberlake
Favorite album:  FutureSex/LoveSounds [2006]
Favorite song:  Hallelujah
What I like about him:  The kid's got soul and it flows in his music. Plus, he can dance.  Seriously.     
listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNP_hvWkE4                    


  1. I just put The Album Leaf on my profile last week. I also got into The Microphones, and Grass Widow, Yawning Man,and Costa Music, very ambient, dreamy, ethereal sounds to soothe your soul. Bjork is also one of my favorites of all time. She played at Coachella Fest one year and I live right by the Polo fields where it takes place, and my son and I layed on the grass listenting to her staring at the stars. One of my favorite memories. I love your taste in music.

  2. Yay! More music to add to my list. Thanks. And I heard Costa and downloaded it. I love it!