50 Secrets

You should listen to this:
while reading this...

1. Sometimes when I am by myself I dance.
2. I get anxious when I sleep alone and I have to give myself pep talks in order to sleep.
3. I am terrified of flying. The last time I flew I got off the plane, fell to the ground and sobbed. I never flew again.
4. I don't pay attention to the details. As soon as I grasp the big picture I move on.
5. Sometimes I think I will never be happy in a career.
6. Some people think I am a conduit. I think it's a burden.
7. I get sad in the winter months and I wonder if it will consume the rest of them.
8. I'm shy.
9. I am not the person I used to be.
10. My mother says my sister and I act like only children.
11. I am closer to my cousin than anyone else on the planet.
12. I dislike reading fiction.
13. I remember every moment I laughed until I cried.
14. It's easy for me to say no. It didn't used to be.
15. Sometimes when people call I don't answer the phone.
16. I hate cold weather. I hate hot weather.
17. People that drink to cope drive me crazy though I understand the appeal.
18. I loathe returning things or calling people I don't know.
19. I would make a bad nurse because I am not comfortable around sick people.
20. I've always know I would never be a parent.
21. Men should always pay for dinner.
22. People who buy the cheapest thing, just because it's the cheapest thing, bug me.
23. I can be critical and intolerant.
24. I believe our astrological signs are fundamental to who we are. Prove me wrong and I might change my mind.
25. I am a person who follows through and I expect the same from others. If you say you are going to do something, do it.
26. I spend most of my time alone.
27. I didn't know I am a perfectionist until my photography was accepted into a gallery and didn't put my work in it because I thought it wasn't good enough.
28. I've been generally sad since my father was diagnosed with cancer and can't quite shake it.
29. I love my parents but they usually disappoint me.
30. I eat a vegetarian diet.
31. My favorite thing on Earth is watching a plant grow.
32. If there is anyone I hate, it's a bully. And loud people.
33. I cry easily.
34. I pick up languages easily. My favorite language is Arabic.
35. I usually do the opposite of what people want me to do. Especially if they tell me I should do it.
36. My family always told me I was born in the wrong era.
37. Sometimes I think of "him" and wonder why he doesn't call me.
38. I used to want to be a nun.
39. Maybe I am not as different as people say I am.
40. People fall in love with me easily.
41. I believe there is a reason for everything. I used to think it was all chaos.
42. Most 80's music gives me the serious creeps.
43. I have always wanted dreadlocks but don't want to come across as a dirty hippy.
44. I wish my boobs were smaller.
45. I am a fire sign. I generally have a positive outlook on life.
46. I like to see movies alone.
47. Someday I will not be here and these words will.
48. I don't believe there is a Heaven or Hell.
49. I always said I would marry the person that makes me laugh. I lied.
50. I have never been on a motorcycle.

And end with this:


  1. Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain

    aka Carmen in Wonderland.

    Did you already see Tim Burton's movie ?

    I can't wait to get some time to go and see it.


    - Serge.

  2. I like watching movies alone, hate loud people, hate the cold and hot weather, dont return phone calls often, and I always wanted Dreads but dont want to be smelly.