The Top 30 Things You Would Hate About Me

1. I am stubborn.
2. I have a temper. (fire sign)
3. Will use sharp, cutting wit as needed.
4. If, while driving, someone does something that I don't like, I let them know.
5. I can smell every little thing and will let you know each time I don't like what I smell.
6. I don't like very many funny movies. (I think Fargo is a comedy)
7. If you tell me not to do something I will do it twice.
8. I get hot easily. I get cold easily.
9. I am very honest.
10. The lighting in some places makes me "feel weird", so I leave.
11. I can sit in front of a computer all day.
12. When I am hungry I get crazy. No, seriously. Crazy.
13. My patience is sometimes very limited.
14. I hate bars and do not go in them.
15. I need a lot of alone time.
16. I don't like to talk on the phone.
17. I don't fly.
18. I have motion sickness.
19. I can fixate on one thing for days.
20. I am constantly thinking and will say random things at strange times.
21. It's been said I psycho-analyze everything.
22. I don't have a lot of girlfriends because girls are catty and emotional.
23. I like to travel alone.
24. I have a weird social phobia.
25. If we are in the car and you sneeze, I will roll the window down to let the germs out.
26. I am cautious.
27. If I see pretty wildflowers on the side of the road or highway I will stop and pick them.
28. I hear everything and if I cannot identify the sound we will have a problem until I figure it out.
29. I can eat the same thing for three months, then change it for the next three.
30. I love crime shows.


  1. # 16 on your list just SUCKS ...

    and hey I MISS YOUR VOICE.

    So talk to you soon ?

    ;-) Moi.

  2. What you would like about me is that I don't care about half your list. What you would hate about me is that I would try to fix the other half.

  3. Omg, finally, someone that gets the lighting thing. Flouresent lighting makes me queasy and hurts my head. Wal-mart lighting is so bad, I go to Target instead. I am so sensitive to light and I try to explain it to people and they just dont get it.